League News



Earlier this afternoon we introduced the 2021-22 Rookie All-Stars for the MMFHL.  We are now proud to announce the All-Star Teams for the 2021-22 season.  

As there are four teams in Nova Scotia and 2 teams in New Brunswick, the decision was made to name a first and second All-Star team from NS, to represent the fact that we have twice as many players from that province.



NB All Star Team Winner Team
Goalie Kristy Michaud EDZA West Reds
Defence Nicole Ferguson EDZA West Reds
Defence Monica Richard EDZA East Rockets
Forward Emilie Cormier EDZA East Rockets
Forward Beatrice Bitting-Leger EDZA East Rockets
Forward Hannah Harvey EDZA West Reds



NS 1st All Star Team Winner Team
Goalie Jorja Borrows Northern Selects
Defence Sarah Fraser Northern Selects
Defence Maja Kolanko Western Capitals
Forward Brooke Thomson Northern Selects
Forward Samantha Morrison Cape Breton Lynx
Forward Jaylen Langille Northern Selects


NS 2nd All Star Team Winner Team
Goalie Claire Zettler Western Capitals
Defence Kiara Keddy Bussey Penguins
Defence Leila Ludyka Cape Breton Lynx
Forward Samantha Taylor Western Capitals
Forward Lauren Smith Bussey Penquins
Forward Brooke Henderson Bussey Penquins


Congratulations to all of these players on a fantastic 2021-22 season.

Jun 3, 2022