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Two pivotal policies make hockey better for everyone


Just a quick reminder about the important strides Hockey Canada is making towards inclusivity and safety in our beloved sport, which we previously discussed. They've rolled out two pivotal policies that are game changers for everyone involved in the hockey community:

  • The revamped Dressing Room Policy
  • The inclusive Gender Expression Policy

These initiatives were born out of ongoing conversations and feedback from the community, highlighting the need for a hockey environment where everyone feels safe and welcomed.

The Gender Expression Policy (Review Here) is a crucial step toward embracing our transgender and non-binary friends in the sport, ensuring their unique circumstances are seen and addressed.

In addition, the updated Dressing Room Policy (Explore Here) focuses on fostering a safe and inclusive atmosphere, respecting each individual's privacy and needs while nurturing the sense of team unity that's at the heart of hockey.

Remember, these policies aren't just internal guidelines; they're the foundation of a more inclusive culture in our hockey community. They're in full effect and replace previous versions, setting a new standard of respect and inclusion.

For more insights or if you need a refresher on the details, visit Hockey Canada’s safety page: https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/hockey-programs/safety. You’ll find FAQs and implementation guides that explain these policies in depth.

We're also re-sharing an important infographic from the Coaching Association of Canada on the "Rule of Two," emphasizing safety in sport (see below and attachment).

Your engagement and passion drive these changes, making hockey better for everyone. As we look to grow the game, let's continue to champion a more inclusive, respectful, and loving hockey community.

Nova Scotia Female Hockey League Female Council

CAC Rule of Two Inforgraphic 

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Oct 21, 2023